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Why we focus on comprehensive care? A holistic approach for your teeth.

Whenever a dental problem arises, it is imperative to find the cause for the problem rather than fixing the problem. For eg: When someone comes with a broken filling, its fairly easy to fix the filling. But if we first try to find the cause and then fix the problem, you might not end up in a similar situation. When a tooth or a filling chips, there can be many reasons for a broken filling.

1.Already debonded filling

2.Grinding and clenching

3.Aggressive tooth brushing

4.Overhanging filling

5.Cavity around the old filling

6.Trauma from the bite

7.Sports trauma or a fall

Another example is gum disease. Gum disease is a silent precursor for your heart disease. The worst part is that it does not bother you and hence tends to get neglected. Whenever bacteria accumulates more than required and that cycle is not broken down by toothbrushing and flossing, body starts fighting the bacteria and with it starts an inflammatory reaction which releases chemical mediators which travel through the blood stream constantly till the inflammation is resolved affecting your heart at large, slowly but steadily.

As we try to get to the root end of the problem, recurrence of such a problem minimizes and contributes to a long-term healthy life for that tooth. Every time there is a chip or a fracture or a cavity or a procedure done, it is trauma for the tooth. Our goal is to minimize the trauma for the teeth and keep our preps conservative so that your own tooth thrives in its maximum potential for the rest of your life with minimal issues. By taking a comprehensive approach, we minimize your dental emergency visits. Keeping your own teeth material in its maximum natural state helps your teeth stay healthy always.

People always think that teeth fall out with age. But it is not true. Your teeth can last with minimal wear and trauma throughout your lifetime. A holistic approach is not just about using toxic free materials as most of the dental materials are well researched and made compatible with the human body. A holistic approach is also about keeping the body free of infections forming due to our very own negligence. Watching the amount of sugar intake and the frequency of consumption which can lead to acid attack and destroy the healthy enamel is another step in this approach.

Together we can work towards a common goal of healthy, happy teeth for you and your family!

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