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Dentistry At Clarkson

Patient Forms

At Dentistry At Clarkson, we understand the value of your time. To ensure your dental appointment is focused on your care, we provide downloadable patient forms. Completing these forms beforehand grants you the convenience to review and fill them out at your leisure, streamlining your visit and minimizing wait times.

Instructions for Downloading and Completing Forms:

1. Click on the links below to download the respective forms.

2. Print the forms on standard letter-size paper.

3. Carefully fill out each form with accurate and complete information.

4. Bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled appointment.

Patient Forms Available for Download:

Medical History Form: Provide us with your medical background, allergies, medications, and any previous treatments.

Patient Consent Form: Review and complete this form to consent to treatments and procedures.



Financial Policy Form: Understand our financial policies regarding insurance and payment responsibilities.

Reviewing and completing these forms beforehand ensures that your visit focuses on your dental needs. Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with the forms, feel free to contact our office.

Thank you for choosing Dentistry At Clarkson for your dental care. We look forward to providing you with an efficient and comfortable experience.

Warm regards,

The Team at Dentistry At Clarkson

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