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Ooh, Ah, Ouch……… !!!!!

Trauma is a part of pretty much every kids childhood. Kids grow and learn falling down. But sometimes this can be pretty traumatic and cause serious dental injuries.

Helping parents understand what to do in such a situation is of paramount importance to our team. Here are a few tips when your child encounters trauma to their teeth;

1. When your child falls down, make sure to check their mouth for any broken tooth or if the full tooth has been knocked out of their mouth.

2. Make sure to find the tooth broken or lost. If not you might have to see the doctor or go to an emergency to make sure that they have not swallowed it.

3. Apply cold pack on the injured area on the outside to reduce any swelling.

4. Gently wipe any blood stains in the area. If you have any clean gauze, wipe the area inside the mouth and ask the child to bite gently to control bleeding.

5. If a permanent tooth (not baby tooth) has been knocked out, do not scrub the tooth. Gently pick it up and place in the milk ( as it is the easily available option) and go to the dentist right away. Knocked out tooth brought after 30 minutes may not get replanted.

Hope this doesn't happen with your kids, but if it does, we hope the tips above help. For more advice, you may always contact us at (905) 823-7855. - Dr. Sharmila Shettigar

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